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OHNS Round Bar, Round Bar Latest Price in India

Comprehensive range of OHNS Round Bar, OHNS Round Bar Square Bars Suppliers, OHNS Round Bar Forged Rods Exporters for automotive, textile, fabrication, construction, cement, ship building, paper and pulp, defence, heavy earth moving equipments or aerospace..

25 years of world class manufacturing of OHNS Bright Bar, OHNS High Speed Steel Bar Supplier, OHNS Bar Exporter, renowed & trusted manufacturer, exporter in india of OHNS Round Bar. manufacturing OHNS Round Bar as per international standards

Supplying OHNS Steel Flat Bar, OHNS Steel Bar Supplier, OHNS Bar, OHNS Round Bar Suppliers In India At Factory Price

OHNS Round Bar Suppliers| OHNS Round Bar Price in india

OHNS Bright Bar, OHNS High Speed Steel Bar Supplier, OHNS Bar Exporter.

Stockholder & Distributors of OHNS AISI O1 Round Bar, OHNS AISI O-1 Round Bar, OHNS AISI O1 Rods, OHNS AISI O-1 Rods, OHNS AISI 01 Flat Bar, OHNS AISI O-1 Flat Bar, OHNS DIN 1.2510 Round Bar, OHNS DIN 1.2510 Rods, OHNS DIN 1.2510 Flat Bar, OHNS UNS T31501 Round Bar, OHNS UNS T31501 Rods, OHNS UNS T31501 Flat Bar, OHNS 100MnCrW4 Round Bar, OHNS 100MnCrW4 Rods, OHNS 100MnCrW4 Flat Bar

In addition to this, we are providing OHNS Rods at cost effective price to our patrons from all over the market. With respect to national and international quality of raw materials, we also offer these bars and rods in customized sizes and thicknesses as per specific demands by our esteemed clients at market leading prices.

ASTM A681 UNS T20810 Grade AISI H10 / AISI H-10     
ASTM A681 UNS T20811 Grade AISI H11 / AISI H-11     
ASTM A681 UNS T20812 Grade AISI H12 / AISI H-12     
ASTM A681 UNS T20813 Grade AISI H13 / AISI H-13     
ASTM A681 UNS T20814 Grade AISI H14 / AISI H-14     
ASTM A681 UNS T20819 Grade AISI H19 / AISI H-19     
ASTM A681 UNS T20821 Grade AISI H21 / AISI H-21     
ASTM A681 UNS T20822 Grade AISI H22 / AISI H-22     
ASTM A681 UNS T20823 Grade AISI H23 / AISI H-23     
ASTM A681 UNS T20824 Grade AISI H24 / AISI H-24     
ASTM A681 UNS T20825 Grade AISI H25 / AISI H-25     
ASTM A681 UNS T20826 Grade AISI H26 / AISI H-26     
ASTM A681 UNS T20841 Grade AISI H41 / AISI H-41     
ASTM A681 UNS T20842 Grade AISI H42 / AISI H-42     
ASTM A681 UNS T20843 Grade AISI H43 / AISI H-43     
ASTM A681 UNS T30102 Grade AISI A2 / AISI A-2     
ASTM A681 UNS T30103 Grade AISI A3 / AISI A-3     
ASTM A681 UNS T30104 Grade AISI A4 / AISI A-4     
ASTM A681 UNS T30105 Grade AISI A5 / AISI A-5     
ASTM A681 UNS T30106 Grade AISI A6 / AISI A-6     
ASTM A681 UNS T30107 Grade AISI A7 / AISI A-7     
ASTM A681 UNS T30108 Grade AISI A8 / AISI A-8     
ASTM A681 UNS T30109 Grade AISI A9 / AISI A-9     
ASTM A681 UNS T30110 Grade AISI A10 / AISI A-10     
ASTM A681 UNS T30402 Grade AISI D2 / AISI D-2     
ASTM A681 UNS T30403 Grade AISI D3 / AISI D-3     
ASTM A681 UNS T30404 Grade AISI D4 / AISI D-4     
ASTM A681 UNS T30405 Grade AISI D5 / AISI D-5     
ASTM A681 UNS T30407 Grade AISI D7 / AISI D-7     
ASTM A681 UNS T31501 Grade AISI O1 / AISI O-1     
ASTM A681 UNS T31502 Grade AISI O2 / AISI O-2     
ASTM A681 UNS T31506 Grade AISI O6 / AISI O-6     
ASTM A681 UNS T31507 Grade AISI O7 / AISI O-7     
ASTM A681 UNS T41901 Grade AISI S1 / AISI S-1     
ASTM A681 UNS T41902 Grade AISI S2 / AISI S-2     
ASTM A681 UNS T41904 Grade AISI S4 / AISI S-4     
ASTM A681 UNS T41905 Grade AISI S5 / AISI S-5     
ASTM A681 UNS T41906 Grade AISI S6 / AISI S-6     
ASTM A681 UNS T41907 Grade AISI S7 / AISI S-7     
ASTM A681 UNS T61202 Grade AISI L2 / AISI L-2     
ASTM A681 UNS T61203 Grade AISI L3 / AISI L-3     
ASTM A681 UNS T61206 Grade AISI L6 / AISI L-6     
ASTM A681 UNS T60601 Grade AISI F1 / AISI F-1     
ASTM A681 UNS T60602 Grade AISI F2 / AISI F-2     
ASTM A681 UNS T51602 Grade AISI P2 / AISI P-2     
ASTM A681 UNS T51603 Grade AISI P3 / AISI P-3     
ASTM A681 UNS T51604 Grade AISI P4 / AISI P-4     
ASTM A681 UNS T51605 Grade AISI P5 / AISI P-5     
ASTM A681 UNS T51606 Grade AISI P6 / AISI P-6     
ASTM A681 UNS T51620 Grade AISI P20 / AISI P-20     
ASTM A681 UNS T51621 Grade AISI P21 / AISI P-21


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  • Oil and Gas Pipeline
  • Chemical Industry
  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Water Supply Systems
  • Paper & Pulp Industry
  • Power Plant
  • Fabrication Industry
  • General purpose applications
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Structural Pipe
  • Heat Exchangers
  • also used for other industrial purpose etc.

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Round Bars Price in India

OHNS Round Bar Price in India
Ohns Steel at Rs 140 /kilogram
US $2-4 / Price Per Kg (Kilogram)
US $400-700 / Price Per Metric Ton