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12L14 Bright Mild Steel Round Bar, Round Bar Latest Price in India

Comprehensive range of 12L14 Bright Mild Steel Round Bar for automotive, textile, fabrication, construction, cement, ship building, paper and pulp, defence, heavy earth moving equipments or aerospace..

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Supplying 12L14 Bright Mild Steel Round Bar In India At Factory Price

12L14 Bright Mild Steel Round Bar Suppliers| 12L14 Bright Mild Steel Round Bar Price in india

12L14 Bright Mild Steel

12L14 is a Re-Sulphurised, Re-Phosphorised Free Maching Steel. This is premium grade of free cutting steel is used by repitition engineers and general machining for a wide variety of applicaitons. It has excellent machinability and is suitable for case hardening and electroplating.

Typical applications are: Brake hose ends, pulleys, disc brake pistons, wheel nuts and inserts, control linkages, gear box components (case hardened), domestic garbage bin axles, concrete anchors, padlock shackles, hydraulic fittings, vice jaws (case hardened)
Material: Magnetic in all conditions
Colour Code Stocked Sizes
12L14 Bright Mild Steel Round Bar Suppliers| 12L14 Bright Mild Steel Round Bar Price in indiaPurple (Bar End)Rose Pink (Band) Rounds 6.35mm - 60mm
Hexagons 10mm - 63.5mm
Bar Finish Peeled, Cold Drawn, TurnedTurned & Polished, Centreless Ground
Related Specifications
Australia AS 1443/ 12L14, AS 1443/D13*, AS1443/T13* *Mechanical Test
Germany DIN 95MnPb28, Werkstoff No. 1.0718
Great Britain BS970 230M07 leaded, EN1A Leaded
Japan JIS: SUM22L
USA AISI /SAE 12L14 UNS G12144
Chemical Composition
Min. % Max. %
Carbon 0 0.15
Silicon 0 0.10
Manganese 0.80 1.20
Phosphorous 0.04 0.09
Sulphur 0.25 0.35
Lead 0.15 0.35
Typical Mechanical Properties - Cold Drawn and Turned and Polished Condition
Cold Drawn Size mm up to 16mm 17 - 38mm 39 - 63mm Turned & Polished (all sizes)
Tensile Strength Mpa Min 480 430 400 370
Max 760 690 630 520
Yield Strength Mpa Min 350 330 290 230
Max 590 550 500 310
Elongation in 50mm % Min 7 8 9 17
Hardness HB Min 142 120 115 105
Max 225 205 185 155
Heat to 1300 oC maximum, hold until temperature is uniform throughout the section and commence forging.Do not forge below 950 oC

Finished forgings may be air cooled.
Heat Treatment
Heat to 890 oC - 920 oC hold until temperature is uniform throughout the section, and cool in furnace.
Pack, salt or gas carburise at 900 oC holding for sufficient time to develop the required case depth and carbon content, followed by a suitable refining/hardening and tempering cycle to optimise case and core properties.
Core Refine
Slow cool from carburising temperature and re-heat to 880 oC - 900 oC, hold until temperature is uniform throughout the section and quench as required in oil, water.
Case Hardening
Following core refining, re-heat to 760 oC - 790 oC, hold until temperature is uniform throughout the section and quench in water.Temper immediately while still hand warm.
Tempering - After Carburising, Core Refining and Case Hardening
Re-heat to 120 oC - 230 oC, hold until temperature is uniform throughout the section, soak for 1 hour per 25 mm of section and cool in still air.NB. Tempering will improve the toughness of the case with only slight reduction in case hardness. It will also reduce it's susceptibility to grinding cracks.
Heat to 900 oC - 940 oC hold until temperature is uniform throughout the section, soak for 10 - 15 minutes.Cool in still air.
Stress Relieving
Heat to 500 oC - 700 oC hold until temperature is uniform throughout the section, soak for 1 hour per 25mm of section, and cool in still air.
Notes on Heat Treatment
Heating temperatures, rate of heating, cooling and soaking times will vary due to factors such as work piece size/shape, also furnace type employed, quenching medium and work piece transfer facilities etc.Please consult your heat treater for best results.
12L14 is a premium free cutting steel grade suitable for all types of high production and repitition machining.
12L14 is not recommended for welding due to its lead content. It is a health hazard
Technical Metal Corporation believes the information provided is accurate and reliable. However no warranty of accuracy, completeness or reliability is given, nor will any responsibility be taken for errors or omissions.

12l14 steel indian equivalent

12L14 9SMnPb28
230M07 Leaded
En1A Leaded


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  • » 12L14 Bright Mild Steel Round Bar uses in Plumbing
  • » 12L14 Bright Mild Steel Round Bar uses in Heating
  • » 12L14 Bright Mild Steel Round Bar uses in Oil & Gas Industry
  • » 12L14 Bright Mild Steel Round Bar uses in Water Supply Systems
  • » 12L14 Bright Mild Steel Round Bar uses in Paper & Pulp Industry
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  • » 12L14 Bright Mild Steel Round Bar uses in also used for other industrial purpose etc.

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