Duplex 2205 Round Bar Manufacturers

Duplex 2205 Round Bar Manufacturers in Mumbai

T.M. Corporation is considered to be the most trusted, and leading Duplex 2205 Round Bar Manufacturers in Mumbai that produces the best grade bar which is made of steel, chromium, or molybdenum. 2205 is a duplex (austenitic-ferritic) treated steel containing around 40 - half ferrite in the strengthened condition. 

Industry-Specific uses

We manufacture superb Duplex Steel 2205 Threaded Bar that is useful in various applications such as chemical processing, transport, and storage, Oil and gas refining, Food industry, Chemical process plant, Generally where 304 and 316L are used, Pressure vessels, etc. The 2205 is the most broadly utilized of the duplex tempered steels involving over 80% of the Duplex treated steel market. 

Corrosion Resistant

The 2205 compound gives better resistance to corrosion. Every one of the 2205 combinations is metallographically inspected to guarantee that the delivered item is liberated from the presence of impending stages like sigma. The composite has additionally been applied as a shaped and welded sheet item in conditions where protection from general consumption and chloride stress erosion breaking is significant. If you are looking for the best quality corrosion resistant 2205 bar then you can contact the best importers or Duplex 2205 Round Bar Suppliers and Exporters in India.

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My Very First Experience With Company in India., Mr. Ranka helped us to Supply CSK NIB BOLT for Our Major Cement Customer QUALITY AND DELIVERY TIME WAS PERFECT and worked with Mr Ranka for SS GRADE 310s materials SUGGEST MR. RANKA For ANY EMERGENCY URGENCY HERE IN COMPANIES FOR SHUT DOWN JOB. TOTALLY TRUST WORTHY FELLOW. KEEP IT UP THE GOOD WORK BOY!

  • Mr. Arman Aviarman
  • Mr. Arman Aviarman

The Best Part of Working with TMCORPORATION., is the Delivery Time which Makes Production of my Group Very much Cost Effective and Efficient Turn Around.

I have been Ordering Maxium DUPLEX & SUPER DUPLEX STEEL PARTS From them, they way they handle the Small Order Quantity is Completely at Par with my Expectations. 

I Still Order them At Times 8-9 PCs of Bolt / Nut., As per Drawing and they do it so much Perfection. 

  • Mrs. Mohammed Saifee (LBH Group)
  • Mrs. Mohammed Saifee (LBH Group)

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